The Cryptoverse follows Byron, a down on his luck everyman, whose life has just hit an all-time low. He spends his days watching the people he cares about suffer as he does his best to help them in any way he can. So, when suddenly Byron gets a chance to not only help the people he cares about, but to help the entire universe, how can he possibly say no?

A powerful being from another universe, Singularity, reaches out to Byron and requests that he becomes her champion. She tells him about a Goddess named Ada who is poisoning his universe. With the power Singularity bestows upon Byron she requests that he does whatever it takes to end Ada’s reign of terror.

Byron now must face down the most powerful beings in the universe in an attempt to protect the people he cares about most.



May 26th - 12h00 UTC

Pre-sale tokens have been airdropped to our holders and others will be given in different events leading up to May 26. These tokens will be exchanged for a transaction containing up to 10 NFTs each. So you can make multiple transactions if you have multiple tokens. Examples of transactions during the pre-sale: 1 NFT = send the pre-sale token + 30 ADA 2 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 60 ADA 3 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 90 ADA 4 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 120 ADA 5 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 150 ADA 6 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 180 ADA 7 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 210 ADA 8 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 240 ADA 9 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 270 ADA 10 NFTs = send the pre-sale token + 300 ADA Repeat the transaction for each tokens you wish to use.

You will have 24h to mint 1 single transaction of a maximum of 10 NFTs

May 27th - 12h00 UTC

Yes, every whitelist tokens will contain a pdf file of the comics' preview.

10 000 NFTs

30 ADA


10x NFTs max per transaction


The NFT will contain a unique PFP and a PDF of the 1st chapter from "The Cryptoverse" comic book

All the NFTs will be different with their own rarity metrics represented by the traits they get

It will indeed be listed and will have a rarity rank as well

There will be a few unique pieces, all made by different artists (more than 15). Those artists will reproduce Singularity in their own style or the style of their respective projects

We will keep 2% of the supply for the team and promotion purposes.

The drop will take place on our website (under construction) and will be of the in-address type, which means you'll have to send the ADA to an address. This makes it available from a mobile phone.

We used Adobe Stock and modified Adobe Stock photos for the backgrounds of the collection. After trying different combination of flat and gradient colours for backgrounds (as common for PFP drops), there was no way we would go with that format as the results were horrible. No photos were stolen, everything has been purchased and the usage is made accordingly to Adobe Stock's licence agreement. Everything else besides backgrounds are genuine creations from our artist.

We'll have multiple new character reveals, old character revamps and we also are working on something very interesting for the people who are interested in the story

Nothing planned for now. The future will let us know. We’re always listening to what the community has to say.

We haven't forgotten about them, they'll all get 1:1 of their holdings airdropped into their wallet during pre-sale. NFTs listed on marketplaces aren't eligible.

OG Collectors are holders of our 2 first and very limited drops, Daedalus and Ada. You can find the policies under the ":scroll:┃policy-id" channel.